Let DolphinEyes™ eye shield help you relax!

Did you know that open eyes are better than closed eyes…

You naturally keep your eyes open, when you feel safe. First step is to protect your eyes from water, spit and other particles the dentist’s tools dislodge. So, next time you are at the dentist, try wearing DolphinEyes™ Eye Shield, and feel the difference.

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Avoid unexpected droplets in your eyes

Most of us have tried it – the unexpected droplet from our mouth landing in our eyes. It shouldn’t be a big deal, but due to the situation our body is on guard, and we get tense… By protecting your eyes you can help your body relax and feel better during your visit at the dentist.

Help the dentist help you feel better

Rest a sure that your dentist wants you to have the best possible experience. Keeping your eyes open while sitting in the chair, will let him tab into your experience, and help him help you feel better during the examination.

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How to use DolphinEyes™ Eye Shield at the dentist: