How to teach your child to wash their hair

Most importantly your child has to feel safe, and even better enjoy herself

These 6 steps will teach your child to wash their hair more easy

  1. Help your child apply DolphinEyes™, so they can see everything they do. See instructions for use (link til how does it work)
  2. Turn on nice warm water, and explain how to wet hair and scalp
  3. Pour a little children’s shampoo in the palm of your child’s hand
  4. Show how to massage the shampoo into the scalp and hair
  5. Show how to rinse the hair, so it is suds-free
  6. Turn off the water. Remove DolphinEyes™, and cover hair with a towel.

Some children finds it easy to wash their own hair, but many feels that it is a big challenge. They often knows the process, but being able to do it yourself can be a big challenge, that we parents often underestimate.

If you want to teach your child to wash their hair it is always a good idea to start by asking, if they are OK with it or if there is anything that they fear.

Some will say that the water stings, some will say that they don’t like it when they can’t see, others that it is difficult to rinse the soap out, and maybe you will get a fourth answer?

DolphinEyes™ speeds up your child’s learning process

Why? – Because DolphinEyes™ is only applied to the forehead. In that way your child will have full vision and full access to all hair. So when you decide to teach your child to wash their hair DolphinEyes™ will do it’s best to help.

“Teaching Thomas to wash his hair, was so much easier than I expected. He was a little tense in the beginning – But because we could keep eye contact at all times, and DolphinEyes wasn’t in the way of his hair – teaching Thomas to wash his hair, has turned out to be a great experience for us”


Parent of Thomas age 7

When I have DolphinEyes™ on, I can wash my own hair!”

Josephine – Age 8