Head lice treatment, Fringe cutting and Fun

Many everyday pursuits can be easier and more fun, if you can protect your child’s eyes

Take advantage of DolphinEyes™ thin transparent shield, only attached to the forehead. Enjoy an easier hair wash, head lice treatment, fringe cutting or make something more fun

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Head lice and head lice nits are normally found on the scalp, primarily around and behind the ears and near the neckline at the back of the head.

It is therefore very important to use a shampoo visor that does not touch your child’s hair or cover the ears. The only one with such a feature on the market today is DolphinEyes™

  • To apply head lice treatment, follow the directions for use on the package. This is very important, as different brands, are used in different ways.
  • To attach DolphinEyes™, follow the directions for use on the packaging or click here for instructions.


“DolphinEyes™ has really made a difference for us. My daughter is so much more relaxed when she is wearing DolphinEyes™ during head lice treatment, and so am I.”

Parent to Livia age 6




Good to know about head lice and head lice treatment

How does your child feel about haircuts? It is not uncommon that a child hates haircuts. The reasons can be many, but if you can pin it down, you most likely can change the situation for the better. Click here and check the list below…

First check the list: Possible reasons my child hates haircuts 

  1. Has previously had hair clippings in her eyes
  2. Is afraid of the scissors
  3. Has previously had water or shampoo in her eyes
  4. Is sensible to hair clippings
  5. Is sensible to the hair cutting itself
  6. Feels insecure with the hair dresser and/or the surroundings
  7. Is asserting her independence

If your child hates haircuts due to one of the first 4 bullets, DolphinEyes™ might just be able to change that.

Second: Follow the steps below to change the situation 

  1. When seated at the hair dresser or at home, apply DolphinEyes™ to your child’s forehead See Instructions for use (link til siden How does it work)
  2. Have your child look at herself in the mirror wearing DolphinEyes™
  3. Tell her that the DolphinEyes™ will protect her from hair clippings, water and soap
  4. When the hair cut is done, remove DolphinEyes™ and praise her for her good job.

“We have just used DolphinEyes™ at the hair dresser. And for the first time ever, Theresa sat still. She felt protected with DolphinEyes™ J – And the hair dresser… her job was so much easier”

Parent of Theresa age 5

2019-08-04 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 

“We have used DolphinEyes for water-games in the garden. Theodor chose the pair he wanted to wear, and had so much fun, as he didn’t get any water in his eyes. And then they look pretty cool”

Parent of Theodor age 6
2018-10-02 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 

“We did something fun last week. It was raining, which can be quit annoying when biking to pre-school, but then Anna suggested that she could wear her DolphinEyes, so she wouldn’t get any rain in her eyes. So… we applied DolphinEyes to her forehead, and she had a blast the whole way to pre-school”  

Parent of Anna age 4
2019-08-20 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 

“This is a little untraditional but very funny. My dad (74 years), was annoyed about the bugs hitting his eyes when biking – So he took one of my daughters DolphinEyes, applied it to his forehead, and went for a bike trip. He was thrilled when he came back – no bugs in his eyes 🙂

Daughter of Sven
2018-10-31 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 

My son have just created his own cool Halloween mask. With a pair of DolphinEyes™, a couple of Sharpies and my son’s creativity – William turned the DolphinEyes™ mask into a great Halloween mask. William had great fun making his own mask and wearing it”  

Parent of William age 5