Testimonials & Test results

They have all used DolphinEyes™ shampoo eye shield to protect their eyes against: Water, soap, head lice treatment or hair clippings… Read what they say 🙂 

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Testimonials by children 

“It is fun when the water runs down the head because then it drums on the eyes.”

Laura - Age 3

When I have DolphinEyes™ on, I can wash my own hair!”

Josephine – Age 8

“It works, I can see! 

Oliver – Age 4

 “I don’t get soap in the eyes, or water either, it’s fun!”

Jacob – Age 6

“I’m wishing for DolphinEyes™ for my birthday!”

Inger Marie – Age 4

“You start by closing your eyes because you think you’ll get water in them, and then you don’t!”

Eric – Age 7

“The yellow is pretty, and I can see right through it!”

Emma – Age 3

“You can stand right underneath the shower when you have DolphinEyes™ on!”

Anna – Age 5

Testimonials by parents


“DolphinEyes has turned the day’s low-point to a fun experience for my 3-year old daughter.”

Parent of Sally age 3


“It’s the first time in 4 long years that we’ve had shampooing without tears. And it’s the first time in months that we have washed her hair with shampoo.”

Parent of Amalie age 6


“My daughter was afraid it would hurt to take the bath visor off, kind of like a band-aid, but it didn’t hurt at all. I wish band-aids could all be like DolphinEyes!


Parent of Elisabeth age 7


“We have always used a cloth, this is MUCH better.”

Parent of Emil age 5


“My son is afraid of water. DolphinEyes turns shampooing into a fun game.”

Parent of Alexander age 4


“Lice… Again… Sophie gets frantic just hearing the word lice. She knows what it means… But DolphinEyes has changed that – THANK YOU. She feels safe now knowing that she can’t get any lice in the eyes or shampoo – and as DolphinEyes only touches the forehead, I get full access to all of her hair and all the lice…”

Parent of Sophie age 5


“My daughter holds her hair away from her forehead making DolphinEyes super easy to put on.”

Parent of Anna age 4


DolphinEyes is the new super-cool bathing outfit if you ask my son!”

Parent of Malte age 3

Test results

9 out of 10 children loves to have their hair washed with DolphinEyes™ shampoo eye shield

  • 97 % of parents finds hair wash much easier with DolphinEyes™ shampoo eye shield
  • 97 % of parents feels that DolphinEyes™ has turned hair wash into a nice experience
  • 95% of parents wants to buy DolphinEyes™ after having participated in the test


DolphinEyes™ shampoo eye shield is developed to help children, who does not like hair wash, reach a level where they can enjoy it. 

Focus has therefore been on developing a light transparent shield only attached to the forehead. This will make it possible to protect the child’s eyes from water and soap, while at the same time making it easy for the parent to wash the child’s hair.

In investigation (A.11 – 0019) 31 children age 3-7 tested DolphinEyes™ shampoo eye shield four times each. In total 124 DolphinEyes™ shampoo shields were tested.

Test purpose: To confirm that DolphinEyes™ shampoo eye shield makes hair wash nice and easy.

Key take away

  • Nice for children:

Based on input from healthcare professionals, parents to young children, and test results, DolphinEyes™ shampoo eye shield makes it nice, and more fun for children to have their hair washed.

  • Easy hair wash:

Due to the fact that DolphinEyes™ shampoo eye shield is only applied to the child’s forehead, it is very easy to wash the child’s hair.

  • 100% clean hair:

Due to the forehead application, DolphinEyes™ is the only eye protecting shield, where no soap residues are caught under a strap, hat or cap.

For more test-results please download the test-pdf

If you want to share a nice or fun experience using DolphinEyes™ shampoo eye shield please write to us.