How does the bath visor work?

A soft silk adhesive lets you to attach the ultra-light bath visor to your child’s forehead

By doing that, you protect your child’s eyes from water and soap. DolphinEyes™ bath visor stimulates creativity and learning. And, as the only bath visor, DolphinEyes™ makes it easy for you to wash your child’s hair.

Why? Because the soft silk adhesive creates a water tight seal only with your child’s forehead. There is no pressure on the scalp, and no hair is caught under a strap or cap.

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DolphinEyes™ bath visor Instructions for use

1. Your child’s forehead must be dry and clean (no cream)

2. Remove the strip. Don’t touch the silk adhesive or it won’t stick well.and clean (no cream)

3. Keep the hair away from your child’s forehead. Place the bath visor just above the eyebrows. Slide a finger over the top edge of the mask ensuring it is in place.and clean (no cream)

4. Enjoy a nice and easy hair wash and remove the bath visor after use.

Sizes: The bath visor is too big, if it sits in the hair

Size small (S) – Age 3-6
Length of forehead application: 5,7 inches (14.5 cm)

Size medium (M) – Age 5-9
Length of forehead application: 6,3 inches (15.9 cm)

Advice from other parents
“There is really only one thing you need to check when choosing a size, and that is, that the silk adhesive does not sit in the hair by the temples. If it does, you need a size smaller.”

Minimum age
Some children younger than 3 years of age can easily use DolphinEyes™ bath visor, while others are curious and takes it off. This is particular the case for the 2 year old. If your child keeps removing the bath visor, be patient and try again when he or she has turned 3 years old.

Design: 1+1=3 🤔 The right combination of shape and graphics creates worlds

Children are creative by nature. They have a natural gift of finding happiness and making fun. DolphinEyes™ bath visor is developed to stimulate creativity and learning. The graphical designs will let your child wash her hair like a princess, a hero or…
You will find different graphical designs in a package of DolphinEyes™ bath visors, and we will make sure that they change over time, so your child can have new adventures in the bath.