How do I change the hair wash game?

Teach your child to enjoy hair wash. Introduce “relief”, and change your hair wash game

“Many of us have tried it. Bath time is supposed to be fun, and it often is, until the moment where you bring forward the shampoo. In that very moment, your little one looks at you, blaming you for wanting to hurt her, or she immediately starts to cry.”

When it comes to washing your child’s hair, “relief” is the name of the hair wash game! Water and soap can irritate your child’s eyes. And asking her to close her eyes, can make her feel unsafe. A step towards relief is therefore to protect your child’s eyes from water and soap, while at the same time letting her see, what is going on.

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The 3 keys to a positive “hair wash game

  1. Protect your child’s eyes from water and soap
  2. Make sure your child can see, what is happening at all times
  3. Use a bath visor that does not cover any hair to allow an easy hair wash

DolphinEyes™ makes hair wash nice & easy

DolphinEyes™ is gently applied to your child’s forehead. The soft silk adhesive will provide a water tight seal between your child’s forehead and the transparent shield. This will protect your child’s eyes from water and soap, and let her see all that is happening. Try the 3 keys, and change the hair wash game into something nice and easy.

“It’s the first time in 4 long years that we’ve had shampooing without tears. And it’s the first time in months that we have washed Amalie’s hair with shampoo.”

Parent of Amalie age 6