They have all used DolphinEyes™ eye protecting shield to protect their eyes, eyelids, eyelashes and/or eyebrows. Read what they say 🙂

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“My concern about closing my eyes IN THE BATH is gone! – The DolphinEyes™ Eye Protecting Shield is a big help to me. Now I can keep my eyes open, keep my balance and see what I’m doing”

Annelise - age 80

“As a tattoo artist you are CLOSE TO THE CUSTOMER. Great that you can easily and discreetly protect your eyes from virus particles and at the same time clearly see what you are doing ”

Thomas – age 32

“No hairspray in the eyes! No marks on my skin! What a treat… Protecting my eyes with DolphinEyes™ while having my HAIR DONE, was amazing – Thank you! “

Melinda – age 45

“I wore DolphinEyes™ at the DENTIST – Amazing! – I felt safe and didn’t get any water or particles in my eyes. It was really nice!” 

Helle – age 52

“I need to wash my hair on a daily basis, and I can finally do that without worrying about my tinted eyelashes and eyebrows. It’s so amazing!”

Chrissie – age 25

If you want to share a nice or fun experience using DolphinEyes™ eye protecting shield please write to us.